Thursday, January 10, 2008


Another hard post. Today we admitted Gabrielle to the hospital. She had taken a turn for the better and then this last week, she has been in a downward spiral. Her behavior has been extremely self-destructive. We got a call from the school yesterday that she was scratching herself in class again. I picked her up and had a reasonably good conversation with her. She seemed positive and upbeat. Then today, the phone rang again and I had to go back to her school. She had brought a box of Alex' stuff to school and was telling him her last good-byes. He immediately went to the counselor and she was pulled from class and kept there until I could get her. Do I think she was going to kill herself? No, again it's all manipulation. She wants complete control over him and she's so obsessed that she'll lie and manipulate to get her way. She has stopped taking her medication and apparently has been flushing the pills down the toilet.

On the way to the hospital, she cried and promised to do better. It was extremely hard to make the decision to admit her. They have a very intensive program with allot of individual and group therapy. Visiting hours are minimal. Our insurance pays 90%. I'm not sure how long she'll stay but she'll be evaluated pretty extensively. When she gets out, we'll have to decide what to do about school. There are allot of unknowns right now. Sitting with Gab in the waiting room, she seemed so "normal". She was talking allot and even laughing. It's a bit baffling. I'm not sure who she is. Please pray for us.


Anonymous said...

I am really praying for you guys. I am so sad to hear about my little girl. You and George are amazing parents and can make it through this together. Please let me know if I can help in any way at all. I will be thinking about you guys.