Friday, January 11, 2008


It's been a whirlwind of a day. I had to work all day, spend an hour this evening doing family therapy at the hospital, and get everything ready for my weekend cycle training. My mind is going in many different directions so this post will probably be all over the place.

Today the psychiatrist at the hospital gave her the diagnosis of bipolar. This was without talking to her current psychiatrist, her therapist, her parents, and her school. He spent a total of twenty minutes with her. He either is the best doctor out there or it's his way to quickly diagnose her, medicate and get rid of her. I think it's the latter.

During our session with her social worker, it was obvious how obsessive Gabrielle is and her mind is only going in one direction. All she could think about was what she has to do to get to see Alex again. She is not internalizing that she has to make some changes for herself. She actually said that if we changed our minds and let her see Alex as much as she wants, that she would no longer be depressed. When I asked her what would she do if there was no Alex, she said she would have nothing in her life to look forward to. So she's pretty much living for him.

She is starting on some new anti-depressants. I hope that when she gets stabilized and starts feeling a little better, she will be able to see herself. Right now, she is in such a self destructive cycle that she can see nothing positive. I will keep her home for a few weeks until we see some changes with the medication. Then, we can think about school again.

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be spending on a stationary bike. The class starts at 7:30 am and doesn't end until 5:00. George is going to hold down the fort. It's probably not the best weekend for me to go but visiting hours at the hospital are only an hour a day. George will go see Gabrielle this weekend and leave the kids with our neighbor during those times. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post this weekend. I will be icing my bottom.