Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Broken glass

It's been a hectic few days. Between getting Gabrielle back home and settled, cleaning from the weekend, working and trying to spend time with the kids, I'm exhausted. Gab seems good, better than I've seen her in a long time. I think she is seeing this as a fresh start. I know we've felt this in the past but I see a lot more humility from her in these past few days.

Samuel's had quite a day. If you pulled his pants down, you would see a very red bottom. I lost count of the amount of spankings he got. It might of been close to twenty. I'm not sure what brought it on. Maybe just a bad day. We all have them, right? The beginning of the day was fine. School was good. I heard nothing from his teacher. But when we got home, all hell broke loose. One thing after another. He broke a DVD in half that didn't belong to him, he fed an entire chocolate cake to the dogs, and the rest of the cake was carefully spread all over the kitchen, living room and stairs, And how did this wonderful day end? He broke the neighbor's glass storm door. Yup, you heard me right. The entire door shattered all over both the inside and outside of their house. And how? In his excitement with our dusting of Georgia snow, he threw rocks and they hit the door and it broke. I was home and when he ran in the house, he was shaking. It took fifteen minutes to get the story out of him. I think he was in disbelief that he had actually done something that bad. At one point he was sobbing because he was certain that the police were going to come and put him in jail. He calmed down after a bit and was able to walk over and apologize. I have a feeling that it will take our neighbor a few days to forgive the naughty one.

As I was putting Samuel to bed tonight, it was apparent that he needed a little reassurance. He held on to me a little longer than usual. I told him that there wasn't anything that he could do that would make me stop loving him.
"Even breaking a door?"
"Yup, I still love you."
"Sorry, mom. I think my brain broke today and that's why I did so many bad things."
"We all have bad days."
"But that was really bad."
" I forgive you. Tomorrow will be better."

I hope so.