Monday, January 7, 2008


Tony is my father-in-law. He's been good to us. He loves our kids and spends a lot of time with him. Without his grand kids, he'd be very lonely. They bring him much joy.
Tony takes Samuel for the day on Sundays. They take their weekly trip to the farmer's market.
Whenever he drops him off at our house on Sunday evenings, he always brings us something. He never comes empty handed. This week he brought us a 10 lb bag of onions. I like onions, I really do but that's allot of onions!

He went through a spurt when all he brought was watermelons. I'm not talking little ones, I'm talking the biggest ones in the market. At one point we had three huge ones in the kitchen, uneaten. It became a running joke in our family. We'd see Tony's car. He'd pop the trunk and sure enough, haul out the biggest watermelon known to man. Many times he'd call for George to carry it into the house as it was too heavy for him to handle. I finally confessed to him that we couldn't handle the huge watermelons. Could he please bring them a little smaller? And he did.

For Christmas, he brought us chocolates. Not one box, that would of been way too few. I counted the individual chocolates that we had and I counted over 300. Yes 300, and sadly they're all gone.

I'm not sure what it is about Tony and the quantity of what he brings us. I'm not complaining. I'm just amazed. I know it's his way of showing his love for us. He's a man of few words. He doesn't talk about how much he loves us. But those onions are his love. And we'll eat them and appreciate them. I think I enjoyed the chocolates a bit more. Did I really eat 150 of them? Off to the gym...