Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Who needs peace?

I went back to work today and was not too happy about it. Sitting in a meeting for three hours was torture but I was rewarded with a peaceful lunch with my colleagues. It’s amazing what things I now find pleasure in. I never used to think about having a peaceful lunch. Heck, I never really thought about lunch. Now days, if I can eat without having to cut up someone’s food, wipe some type of slop off a snotty face, or tell someone to be quiet, I’m in heaven. I did find myself urging one of my co-workers to finish her hamburger and licked my finger to wipe the ketchup off her face but other than that I conducted myself in a non-mom type of way.

I love being a mom. But there are times when I enjoy discussions about things other than bugs, bodily functions or how stinky something is. A two hour lunch was pure gold and I didn’t want to leave. They had to drag me out of the restaurant.

As a mom, I've learned to appreciate the simple things. If my kids are silent in the car for over a minute, I rejoice. If they can play peacefully for twenty minutes, I am overjoyed. If we can get through one meal where there is nothing dropped on the floor. Well,that has never happened. But one look at my sweet sleeping baby with cheeks rosy pink, her little body warm and cozy in footed pajamas, her quiet breathing, makes every difficult mom moment melt away. I would give up ever having a peaceful lunch again just to have Samuel's skinny little arms around my neck telling me how much he loves me. So bring on the sloppy faces, the burps, the fighting in the car. I'll get my peace one day.