Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Family day

Happy New Year! We spent the day with extended family and all I can say is that I'm glad it wasn't at our our house! Shari's house was perfect and it was fun to see everyone. We had a great Cuban feast. Sophia slept through most of it and Samuel fell in love. During dinner, he came over to me and was a little red in the face. He proceeded to whisper in my ear that he thought he loved Becca. He asked me if he should tell her and I told him sure, why not? He was very afraid that she would laugh. But she didn't and he got through his first profession of love to anyone other than his mother. During his bath tonight he commented to me, "Pretty cool that Becca didn't laugh at me. You know, I'm just a kid and she didn't laugh."

He had a blast. To him a house full of thirty people is heaven. He went from person to person and I barely saw him. I hid behind the camera most of the day and took some pictures. I'm not a fan of posed pictures, so most of these are al natural.

To George, I'm sure it was a bit overwhelming. Being in a house of Thompson's or ex-Thompsons is quite the experience. And being a Thompson in-law is not always easy...

Debi and dad and Dad and Uncle Allen
Shari and Debi

Here is Becca, the subject of Samuel's infatuation. Maybe it's the New Year hat that did him in.
Aunt Marilyn and Greg. Many of my memories of Aunt Marilyn are of her in the kitchen, either cooking or cleaning.
Beverley and John, maybe you should lay off the sangria...

Michaelanne and Samuel.
Jonathon(I hope I'm right..) and Jessica Rebekah Thompson.

There's nothing like seeing your cousin's kids all grown up, dating and some even getting married to help you feel old. I remember all those old people coming up to me, telling me how much I'd grown and now, I'm one of those old people. Oh, the horror!

Here is Caroline with my dad and her grandpa. She is one of the ones that makes me feel old. She's not only married, she's a nurse and she delivers babies. And she can't take a bad picture. She's the most photogenic person ever!

Sophia and daddy and Samuel hopefully not doing irreparable damage to Corey's guitar.

It was a fun day and a good way to start off the year. I'm ok with being in the older crowd. I am, I really am..