Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Birthday menu

Growing up we always got to choose our favorite meals on our birthdays. I've continued this tradition. Yesterday, I talked to Samuel about his birthday menu. I told him, I would fix him anything he wanted.

"Wow, mom, thanks!"
"So, what do you want for dinner on your birthday?"
"Macaroni and cheese"
"Honey, you can have anything. How about something a little more special?"
"Nope, I want macaroni and cheese."
"Do you want something on the side? Maybe a steak or some shrimp?"
"Just a little bit of milk."
I tried unsucessfully for a few more minutes to convince him on something a little more fancy. I had no luck. And he wants the boxed kind, not homemade. So, I tried breakfast.

"What about a yummy breakfast? I'll even bring it to you in bed, on a tray."
"I would like marshmellow cereal."
"Are you sure? I can make some cool pancakes in special shapes and put raspberries on them."
"Nope, just some cereal."

I can't take it. He wants cereal, macaroni and cheese and milk? Are you kidding me? On his special day? Have we failed miserably as parents?


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