Saturday, February 23, 2008

No time to be sick

It's 9:20 pm and I just had a Red Bull. Usually not the best of ideas but I have a house to clean, three loads of laundry to do and a birthday cake to bake. I got the wonderful cold the kids have and I am feeling pretty lousy.

I was thinking today as I was feeling crappy and a little sorry for myself, are moms allowed to get sick? Sure, we get sick but we don't have the luxury to lay around and moan all day. If I was childless, I would have been in bed or on the couch, maybe getting up to get a cup of tea and some toast. And I wouldn't be tripping over toys on my way to the kitchen.

I was talking to a single friend of mine yesterday afternoon about how I was feeling pretty sick. "Oh, just go home and go to bed." Yeah, right! I could of given George the responsibility of kids and dinner and bed. But I don't think I could of laid in bed thinking about the mess I would encounter when I went downstairs. And dad doesn't multi-task very well. He really doesn't multi-task at all. And I know my rest would not be rest because it would be interrupted by questions and comments from my eldest, again and again and again. He's the kid that when I tell him I'm going upstairs to take a nap(on a rare Sunday afternoon) and do not come in my room for any reason because his dad is downstairs with him, will wait until I have just drifted to sleep and come and ask me for something to drink.

So what do moms do? We force ourselves to believe we feel better. And guess what? It works. We don't stay sick very long because we're needed.

Tomorrow is Samuel's little party. He's excited, of course. At dinner, he asked if he could invite a few more of his friends. When I asked why, he responded, "To get more presents." A very typical response for any kid. I was about to go into my mom spiel about presents not being that important, when he said, "I know, birthdays are about God." This was what he heard allot during Christmas so he assumed birthdays were the same. I told him his birthday was all about him. We do thank God for him but it's a day to celebrate what a cool kid he is. Finally, a response that he was happy with.


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