Friday, February 29, 2008


I know a lot of my posts lately have been about Samuel. I guess he's been full of stories lately and his sister has been pretty miserable. I could write about her but stories of fussing, crying and saying "Hold yuu" over and over, are not that interesting. I'm beginning to realize that she is much more clingy than her brother was and is. That's ok. I'm coming to terms with it. I'm just amazed that we have a child that likes to be held and close to you all the time. She is perfectly content if she has your undivided attention 100% of the time.

The other day, I was at Samuel's preschool picking him up. I heard him in the classroom very animatedly talking to one of the parents.
"Excuse me, excuse me!"
When he finally got the mom's attention, he asked,
"Can Megan please come over to my house for a sleepover?"

When we got in the car, I asked Samuel about it.

"So why do you want Megan to come over?"
"Well, we were on the seesaw together and singing a really cool song. She would sing a little and then I would sing. We were having fun taking turns. Then she told me she loved me a lot. So I thought she should come over for a sleepover."

Girl plus love equals sleepover. Right? He's only five. Help!


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