Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Samuel is continuing his rough behavior patch. Last night, George and I were talking about it together. I admitted to him that Samuel was really beginning to annoy me. George's response was, "Beginning to? He's been annoying me for awhile."

I feel a little awful in admitting that my own kid annoys me. Because I feel so badly about it, I have been trying to analyze my annoyance with him. Part of it is that he is getting older and is not as cutesy as he used to be. He sees his sister getting a ton of attention for being cute, he tries the same things, and it's just not cute. So then he gets a bit desperate and starts saying really stupid things. Stinky butt is a great example. Stinky butt is not funny. It never will be. But he still says it. And it's annoying.

I could go on and on about what he has said and done in the past few weeks. Let's just say he's in trouble more than not. Fortunately he's been doing great at school. His teachers have been raving about how hard he's been working. Today, his teacher told me that he wanted to stay at the table and work instead of having free play. Maybe he's just holding everything in at school and letting it out at home.

On the way back from school today, I asked him if it was more fun to be bad or good. He quickly responded, "Good, of course." A few seconds went by. "Well, it is a little fun being bad." A few moments later, "Mom, we all are a little bad, right? Everybody has good and bad. Mom, if I'm more bad than good will I become I bad guy when I grow up." He then got tears in his eyes. "I don't want to be a bad guy."

My sweet sweet boy. Annoying, yes but so incredibly tender.