Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Sixteen!!!!

Today Gabrielle turned sixteen. It's totally mind boggling to me that she is already sixteen. We had a fun day. Being a typical teenager, she wanted money and she wanted to shop. A few years ago, she couldn't be dragged shopping. She hated it. And she hated dresses. Guess what she bought today? Dresses, skirts and jewelery. Crazy how time changes you. She is into the new tacky eighties clothes that are now back in style. If there is one clothing decade that should be skipped over, it's definitely the eighties. But no, she's into the tacky jewelery, the big wide belts, the bright colors. Part of it is to make a statement. She wants people to react. I remember doing some similar things. The green mascara, the black eye liner, the huge earrings. I could go on.

We went down to a really cool part of Atlanta and shopped. Colleen and one of Gab's friends joined us. We ate and shopped. George stayed home with the kids. It was fun to get out and not worry about diapers, whiny ,snotty nosed kids(that I love dearly) or trying to keep your kids quiet and happy at a restaurant. Gab seemed to have a good time. Her purchases were fun. We will have a cake and ice cream tomorrow when George's dad can join us.

Gabrielle has had a tough year. Nobody can deny this. She is still dealing with alot. More than you can ever imagine. But she's coming along slowly. We only have her at home for a few more years. I hope these next years are a time of growth and change. I've had to learn to appreciate the tiny positive changes that she is making. I want her to take huge leaps, She's not there. She might never be there. But we love her and will continue loving her through this tough and painful journey called life.