Friday, March 28, 2008


So glad it's Friday! I've taught four out of five nights at the gym this week and I'm tired. Many of the instructors have been sick and in need of subs, so I've been filling in.

Here's Samuel and my conversation on the way to the gym tonight.
"Well, you'll be starting swimming lessons soon."
"Can you please make sure she's not old."
"The teacher. I don't want old and I want her to be pretty and have long hair."

I really can't believe this kid and please, please, please God could you make his kindergarten teacher for next year beautiful? It might be the only way we can make it through. Would that be a weird thing to request when I fill out his registration forms? Sweet, loving, open minded, creative, flexible, lover of wiggly boys, and extremely beautiful teacher with long hair. That's possible, right?