Monday, March 10, 2008

Curls,curls, curls

Both kids have been sick off and on for what it seems like forever. They've been fighting fevers all weekend. They both woke with fevers this morning so I was unable to go to work. Darn! It's 65 degrees and sunny. Not a bad day to have off!

I'm not sure where Sophia got her head full of curls. Probably from either my mom or dad, both had curls as young children. Most likely she will lose them as her hair grows or if they stay, she'll hate them. We never like what we've got, do we? I would love to have some body but instead, was given straight, fine hair.

The other day, I tried to take some pictures of her curls. Usually, they are all smooshed down by the car seat, napping on them, or being tackled by her brother. But these were right after her bath and still looked springy. It;s much easier to take pictures of the back of her head. She didn't protest once!