Saturday, March 8, 2008



Go Away!


Oh, the terrible twos have begun. I know she's not two yet, but we are in for it. This week she has started having tantrums. Not just yelling but throwing herself on the floor and kicking. Today she had one because I insisted she drink out of a sippy cup. Samuel drinks out of a regular cup and she wanted one too. I would not let her so she pitched a fit. I ignored her and walked to another room. As she continued screaming and kicking, I peaked around the corner to see what she would do. She looked around, noticed nobody was watching, took her sippy cup and came looking for me. She found daddy first and babbled to him how much I had wronged her. It sounded a bit like this "Mama nooo nooo Mama!!"

She'll be a fun teenager.


Christine said...

Now I want you to know my 4 yr old daughter is far from perfect! I mean FAR! We, were very lucky to not have the "terrible twos" but you know how everything comes back to haunt you, we have the "terrible fours!" The tantrums are worse then any fit that she had when she was two. There are times that I am running away! So good luck!

Anonymous said...

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