Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another lizard tail

Posts have slowed down a little and they probably won't pick up until the summer. I'm trying to get through the end of the school year. Only three more weeks and these are always the craziest of them all.

Samuel found an almost dead lizard today in the yard. Now, this lizard was huge. He looked more like a small iguana. I heard him calling me urgently, so I ran downstairs to see what was wrong. He was holding this huge amphibian by his tail.

" Mom, he's dying!"

"Can you please take him outside to die?"

"But mom, we have to save him."

Having a boy has taught me to not be so squeamish around these creatures. Do I like them? No, but I try to tolerate them. So I took a look at the poor guy. His eyes were closed, blood on his head, his tail was cut in half. I'm not sure what happened to him, maybe an encounter with a lawnmower.

"Honey, he's dead."

"Well, I'll have to bury him. He won't go to heaven unless we bury him. "

So, he proceeded to dig a hole. Then he put his little hands together and prayed.

"God, please help this lizard get to heaven. He was such a nice lizard. I'm going to miss him because I loved him alot. "

An hour later, I hear Samuel talking to someone in his room. I go in there to see what he was doing. The once buried lizard was on the carpet, next to Samuel cars.

"What he doing in the house?"

"Well, I missed him too much and God decided to not take him to heaven and he was lonely under all that dirt. So I decided to save him"