Sunday, April 27, 2008


It seems like in the last few weeks Sophia has gone from baby to girl. It scares me a little bit how quickly this change has happened. Let me give you some examples.

1) She's acquired a love for purses. She definitely did not get this from me. I carry around my license and credit card in my back pocket so I don't have to carry a purse. A lady at the gym, who owns some type of princess business gave Sophia three purses and two princess crowns. She prances around with all the purses, crown on her head.

2) She's becoming more of a mama to her dolls. She kisses them, puts them to bed, sings to them, feeds them. I just went up to check on her during her nap and her little dolly is laying right next to her covered by a blanket.

3) She's talking a ton. Her latest: " I don't wanna ...... fill in the blank. She's loving that we understand her much more. Her favorite word lately is mine. Everything is mine. Actually it's more like "MMMIIINNNEEE!!!" Samuel tries to tell her, "Sophia it's not yours, it ours. Say ours." Yeah, right. This only works when he wants something she has.

4) She learning how to deal with a big brother. And her defense, which was also mine as a child, is her ear piercing yell. Sometimes, Samuel is just walking towards her and she gives this yell. It almost an anticipatory yell. I'm pretty sure he's going to do something, so I'll yell, just in case.

George and I were talking about her this morning. I think his exact words were, "She's really a neat kid." And he's right. Her personality is really coming out and she's such a fun, delightful, and bright kid. She's got those Thompson eyes, full of knowing and mischief. It's amazing to see such a huge personality coming out of such a little human. What an honor as a parent to be able to see your kids grow up. Sure, it's not an easy job, but seeing this little one toddling around; being able to pinch those chubby cheeks, kiss her little nose, and hear her tell me,"love you" daily, is an amazing privilege. And, I'm grateful.