Monday, April 7, 2008

Daddy's girl

I took this picture a few minutes ago. It's our little one, asleep with daddy. Here's why it happens.

I usually give the kids their baths, read to them and then it's daddy fun time. I go downstairs and let him deal with the aftermath of riling them up before bedtime. Samuel, nine times out of ten, ends up in his room after about fifteen minutes. He takes roughhousing to the extreme and his sister usually gets the bad end of the deal. Then daddy tries to put Sophia in her crib for bed. And she cries and cries, "Daddy, daddy, hold you, hold you, night night, daddy, hold you!" I would let her cry. It usually takes two minutes and she's quiet. But not daddy. He feels so bad that he brings her in the bed. And they're both asleep within minutes.

She's a daddy's girl. When I'm with her during the day, she picks up my cell phone and brings it to me. "Daddy? Daddy?" She says this over and over until we call him and she can chatter away to him. "Daddy, love you, hold you, bye-bye daddy" When he hangs up, she cries and cries. Tears streaming down her face. "Daddy? Daddy?"

I'm kind of glad she's a daddy's girl. It reminds me of my dad and I. Sure, I was a bit spoiled and thought I could do no wrong but I turned out a bit spoiled and think I can do no wrong. Maybe I need to have a chat with George.....