Sunday, April 6, 2008


I think we have hit a milestone. No, no Samuel is still not listening.... It has to do with the little one. This last week, she has really begun to play by herself. This is the kid that plays a total of five minutes alone and then comes in search of me, holds her arms up and says, "Hold you?" Cute, I know but not so cute after the fiftieth time in a day.

Today, she and I were upstairs. Samuel was at grandpa's so I was busy changing sheets and putting clothes away. I noticed that Sophia was not underfoot and hadn't been for awhile. I knew she was playing in Samuel's room but she never plays for long. I peaked in on her. She was on his bed with all of his little cars, chattering away at them. When I took a closer look, I noticed that she had all the little cars belly up with a blanket over them. I heard her telling them, "night night"
A few things stuck out at me as I watched her. The obvious difference between boys and girls, our desperate need for some more girl toys and my immense joy at seeing her playing alone for an extended period of time. Hope it lasts!