Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Littlest monkey

I haven't written much about the little one recently. She's a mess. She has added a few new bumps to her face this week. She walked straight off a stool and the couch on the same day. Her legs are full of bruises. I don't think it's necessarily that she's not coordinated. I think it's that she sees something or hears something that she wants, and goes and gets it. She forgets the wall, steps, tree or couch that are in her way.

Her vocabulary has been expanding steadily. She tries so hard to talk in sentences. She strings all her babble together and expects me to understand her. Poor thing gets so frustrated. She will repeat the same thing over and over. When I don't get it, she yells in frustration.
She says a bunch of words but it's neat to hear her put them together. Here are a few of the latest. "Go away, I sit down, oh man, stop it, and her favorite NOOOOOO gung gung"!(Samuel)

I have a feeling that her vocabulary will explode around her second birthday. Right now, she's got a brother that either translates for her or tell her she's saying something wrong.

Here's a conversation that I hear in the car daily.

"Sophia, say window."


"No, no not indo, w-innn-dooooww"


"No, no. Now say tree."


"No, no, say it like this, trrreeee"

"Teeeeeee Teeee Teeee Teeee Teeeee Teeeee"(At least fifty times louder and louder)

Then our big monkey always tries to take it to the infamous potty words.

"Say poopee"


"Good girl!!! That was perfect"