Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Never dull

Bad day for my boy. So bad that on my way home from the gym tonight, I saw a fire truck zooming by and I prayed it wasn't going to my house. I was relieved when I got home and I didn't see smoke or a fire truck. I sat in the car and watched my crazy boy through the window. He was in his swimsuit, a float around his waist, running circles around the house. When I got out of the car, he yelled, "Hey mom, wanna go for a swim? I looked at George and he just shook his head. Earlier this afternoon, he was playing in the backyard. He ran inside and very excitedly told me to look out the window to see what he had done because he was soooo strong. I was a bit scared to look but he was so proud. How bad could it be? I looked and saw that he had taken out every board that George had put up on one part of the fence to keep our dog in, probably around twenty boards. Dad was not amused.

He was in time out twice at preschool today. One for hitting and the other for not letting go of the baby lizard he had caught on the playground. Apparently his teacher asked him countless times to let the poor thing go and he ignored her. I got a call from the director and I picked him up early. We had a chat. The same chat that we have all the time. When he is in the middle of what he thinks is important, what an authority figure says, does not matter. It's like he tunes it out.

Life with Samuel is never dull. It will never be dull. We have many exciting years to come. Thirteen years until college. Please tell me he's going to be ok. We will survive, right?


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