Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hard Day

Today has been a struggle and I'm feeling down. I had a meeting at work to go over my yearly goals. The meeting went fine until I asked the assistant principal about my hours for next year. George and I had decided that I should increase my hours a few months ago. The past few months have been a financial struggle for us. George's business has seen the decline in the economy. At least with teaching, it's a steady paycheck. I had told my immediate boss and she had told my principal. Three different people from my department are either leaving or changing positions. So I thought it pretty much was a sure thing.

After talking to the assistant principal, he made it sound like the hours were there for the taking. I stepped out of his office to make some copies, and return to see him in the hall with the principal. He returns and tells me that she doesn't think that she can give me the hours. I ask him why. And he proceeds to tell me that the principal has filled the positions. I then ask why she hired from the outside, knowing that I need the hours. He then pulls her into the office.

I break down. Sometimes I hate that tears come so easily. I wish I could of held myself together but I was upset. Not just because I didn't get the increase but because I felt like I got slapped in the face. She not only hired from the outside, she gave one of my colleagues, who has only been a home bound teacher a year, twenty extra hours. I have been doing home bound for five years. I feel like it's unfair, unethical and unprofessional. But what can I do? Nothing. She did say that if she could find the hours, I would get them.

I always felt that this principal doesn't like me. She is very Southern and I don't have anything in common with her. I have not tried to establish a relationship with her but truthfully, being only twenty hours, I'm rarely at the office. But I love my job and I do it well. She chose not to give me the hours and it's up to her. My hands are tied. And it stinks.

On a side note, Samuel is getting his tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow. Please pray that it will go smoothly and the recovery won't be what I'm anticipating.