Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Samuel is a smart boy. Because of this, he constantly has questions. Recently his questions have been about God. And he doesn't take what we say as the truth. He has to think about it, question, and make his own conclusions. It's neat to see his little mind working and the very insightful questions he often comes up with.

This kid is hard to keep up with. He outsmarts me everyday. He figured out something today that I was having trouble with. His comment was, "You know mom, my brain is just alot bigger than yours."

Here are a few of his insights or questions that he has had recently.

After getting in trouble for hitting his sister and he had real tears streaming down his face, "It's my sin, my sin. Not me. My sin made me do it. Oh, what can I do with my sin?"

"You know what mom? Today, I feel like my sin is gone. Yesterday it was in my stomach and now, I don't feel it.

"Why do I have to ask for my sin to be taken away all the time? Why can't God just take it away forever."

"God's not real."

"Oh, so God really is real."

"Why did God not make me Chinese. I really want to be Chinese.