Friday, June 20, 2008

You're two!

Today is your birthday, sweet girl. It makes me a little sad to realize you are no longer a baby. And what a wonderful girl you are, our little sunshine.

The other day I bought you a bracelet, some sunglasses and a pair of dress up shoes for your birthday. And guess what? You won't take them off. You march around the house and yard like a little woman, very proud of yourself. I'm not sure how you can walk in those shoes. I've never mastered heels or accessories.

And you have the Thompson twinkle in your eyes. A twinkle of mischief. You are mastering getting your brother in trouble. I recognize it because I also had that mastered. Your eyes are also full of life. You enjoy life thoroughly,

Let's talk about one of your favorite activities. I love that you love food. Dad and I love to eat and will eat anything. Your brother not so much. But you, have a passion for food. You take your meals with such seriousness. It's so fun to watch.

The problems come when you eat things you are not supposed to. When you were a little over a year, I found about eight lite brites in your diaper. I guess you thought they were candy. A month ago, I found one of Samuel craft projects missing all of the buttons. Guess where I found them? You've eaten half of my deodorant, tried countless bars of soap, and yesterday I found Samuel's hair gel smeared all over your mouth. And you, with a huge smirk on your face. I think part of it is curiosity but most of it is you trying to be funny.

Here's a picture of you today, after I put you in your highchair so I could get some things done. I return to this scene. Notice the tips of the markers are gone. This will make for an interesting diaper tomorrow!

I look forward to the years ahead. They are sure to be full of fun, adventure, and plenty of tears. I know that God has huge plans for you. I remind myself everyday that you are His and He blessed us with you. And what a huge blessing you are and you are so loved.