Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Call me crazy

Am I the only one who lets their kids play in thunderstorms? We had a really neat storm this evening. Guess where my kids were? They were running around in the rain, thunder and wind, hollering like crazy. Samuel ran down our little hill, taking huge leaps and shouting with glee. After an extremely hot and humid day, it was a welcome relief. At one point, I saw the neighbor kids, looking out of their window at us. I'm sure their mom thought I was a little nutty letting my kids out in the "dangerous" storm.

When it got a little closer, we all stood in the garage and watched, feeling the wind against our faces. I looked at my two little ones, eyes shining with wonder. That look is why I love being a mom. And yes, we will continue running in the rain. Try it, you might change your mind.