Monday, July 21, 2008

Not ready

Samuel is off to a nature camp this week. Much more his speed than the art camp he went to a few weeks back. The house is quiet. Sophia is playing quietly. She comes up to me every few minutes and asks where her brother is. She doesn't know life without him. She's going to miss him when he goes to school.

Tony came over last night for dinner. Basel, George's cousin, came with him. We still haven't gotten the results of the CAT scan. They won't know the final results of the biopsy until the end of this week or early next week. He's lost more weight and looked tired. I asked them what they had done that day and Tony said he went to pick out his plot at a graveyard. That hit hard. It made it real. I'm not sure we're ready for this. Are you ever really ready? Tony sat on the couch with both my kids in his lap and watched a movie with them. It made me so sad. I know he is treasuring his time with them but I don't want him to leave us. He's the grandpa that knows my kids the best. They see him every week. Samuel adores him. I pray he stays with us.


Anonymous said...

We just got home last night from the States so this morning I went to your blog to read what was up with Tony and the family.
I loved the fact that Samuel's teacher wanted each parent to write a letter - I think that is such a neat idea. I thought your letter was great not 'too much.'
Reading about Tony sitting with the kids on his lap made me cry. I'm so sad for each of you as I know you all bring a sweetness of life to one another that in the end will be dearly missed. We will pray for clarity and unity about the decisions that will come fast and furious and life altering. Please hug George for us.
Thinking of you all