Sunday, July 20, 2008

Little man

Last night, after the kids were in bed, we went over to one of our neighbor's for a drink. He proceeded to tell me a little story about my son that I hadn't heard.

A couple Sundays ago, Sophia and I slept in. Both George and Samuel were downstairs. Samuel somehow escaped and he and the dogs made their way down to Chuck's house. Chuck was sitting, drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper on his back porch when Samuel showed up. Samuel asked, "Hey, can I chill out with you?" Chuck, told him yes. Samuel noticed Chuck's coffee and said, "I'll be right back." He returned a few minutes later with a coffee mug filled with milk. He sat with Chuck and they talked. As Samuel got up to leave, he noticed Chuck's shovel. He lowered his voice, trying to sound like a man and asked, "Hey Chuck, can I borrow your shovel? I've got some yard work to do today."

I won't go into how Samuel escaped twice under the watchful eye of his father. But I will say that Samuel has such a desire to be a man. He can't wait to grow hair on his chest and fix cars. To him, that is what a man does. In the last week, he fixed mom's garage door that wasn't working. I guess he realized that the sensor was pointing down and this made the garage door not go down automatically. He also fixed one of the knobs on my drawer. He ran to the garage, got the tool he needed and tightened it up. The wheel of his little riding car had fallen off. I saw him run into the garage saying, "All I need is a washer to fix it." And he was right.

So he's not a man yet but he's well on is way.


Anonymous said...

How funny! Our little men would either love each other, or kill each other, they are so similar! (Now I need to go check with my neighbors to see if Ethan has escaped us recently!)