Monday, July 28, 2008


We spent most of the day yesterday with Tony. I haven't updated about his progress in awhile. He does have lung cancer. It is the non-small cell type. It is in both his lungs. He also has a tumor on his trachea that they will remove tomorrow. They will do an MRI of his brain to see if any of the cancer has spread there.

Three years ago, Tony was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. While he was there, a CAT scan was performed. The radiologist saw something on his right lung and on his report said that this needed to be followed up on by the primary doctor. Tony was discharged by both his primary doctor and the hospital. No one followed up. My guess is that they didn't even read the radiology report. Tony had no idea that a mass was found three years ago. This is a huge mistake. If the cancer would have been found in the early stages, it could have been cured. Now, they will give him chemo to hopefully lengthen his life.

This makes me angry but mostly very sad. Tony said yesterday, he feels like the doctors gave him a death sentence. I know these doctors are human and can make mistakes. But this is someones life. You don't just mess that up. His primary doctor called him the other day and apologized to him. Tony said he was almost in tears. Emory is investigating the incident.

So life does go on. I pray that he responds well to the chemotherapy. Emory will do everything they can to keep him alive. He will get the best care out there. All we can do now, is live one day at a time. I'm not sure what these next few months are going to be like. But I am praying that God gives both George and I the strength to get through them.