Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day

It's been a busy start to a busy week. It's also been a huge milestone in Samuel's little life. Monday morning was his first day of kindergarten. And boy was he excited! No tears for either of us. He jumped on that bus, blew me a kiss and was off. When he got off the bus, the first thing he said was, "That was the best day of my life!" Pretty high praise. And call me a pessimist but I doubt that type of enthusiasm will continue as the weeks drone on.

Today the poor guy was exhausted. He almost fell asleep at dinner. He was sound asleep by 7:30. I put him on the bus at 8:00 am and he gets off at 3:40. That's a long day. I think alot of the excitement is the newness of it all. The bus, the cafeteria, new friends, and today he had P.E. When I asked him how P.E went he told me that he learned to swim, play basketball and baseball all today. Pretty impressive! Especially since the school doesn't have a pool.

Maybe this year will be a breeze. Wouldn't that be awesome? When I asked him what his favorite part of his day was, he said exactly what I thought he would say, math, science, recess and lunch. It's going to be neat to see if this continues through the years.

And my incredibly shallow, beauty loving boy also told me that a little girl name Sarah likes him.
"How do you know?"
"Every time I look at her, she smiles. And she follows me everywhere and sits by me all the time."
"What do you think about that?"
"Well, she's pretty so it's OK."

And so it begins....