Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not bad!

I'm so incredibly glad that it's Saturday. Samuel is downstairs watching cartoons and Sophia is toddling around keeping herself busy. Between working more hours this year and trying to get everyone on a new schedule, it's been an adjustment. But, the kids seem happy.

Samuel has been a champ this week. It's been a relatively smooth transition. No meltdowns or arguments. He gets up, gets dressed and is ready for the bus way before it comes. I've seen a certain maturity in him this week. It reminds me of a boy, not yet a man, going off to war. He knows he has to and doesn't really want to but it's his duty, so he'll go. I know this is a bit strange in a kindergartner but in some ways Samuel is mature well past his years.

I was sweating his Friday folder. This comes home every Friday with a behavior report. His teacher wrote he had a great first week and he didn't get any check marks. Maybe I should stop worrying so much.

Yesterday, while waiting for his bus to come, one of the moms said she had a story about my son. Oh no... She has been volunteering to help the kindergartners in the cafeteria. Most of the little ones see the lunchroom as intimidating. They come in very meekly and are not sure what to do. Not Samuel! She said he stands in front of all the choices and asks for well, everything. Yesterday, they had spaghetti, fish nuggets and chicken. He asked for the spaghetti, two nuggets and a little chicken. She had to tell him that he could only pick one. Samuel didn't get upset. He just picked one, and went on.

Samuel doesn't get intimidated by new situations. He actually thrives on them. I'm just more worried about when the newness wears off and it becomes mundane and ordinary. Maybe I've set my expectations for his schooling way too low. Maybe he'll thrive in the school environment.

Yesterday was George's last day at FedEx for awhile. I'll write more on this tomorrow. It's a leap of faith.