Sunday, August 3, 2008


I've written before about Samuel's desire to be a rocker. We don't encourage the idea too much but his desire is so great that we don't want to break his spirit. So I do buy rocker t-shirts for him. You can get them almost everywhere for cheap and he loves them. Yesterday, he came downstairs in this combination. No one told him to put the bandanna under his backwards cap. This was all him.

I'm glad he has his own sense of style. The other day he was over at our neighbor's house. They have teenage kids who had friends over and they were all hanging out on the back porch. Samuel sang one of his rocker songs for them. Of course, they loved it and clapped. He was not self conscious at all. The neighbor kid is in a band and plays electric guitar. He's offered to give Samuel lessons.

So what does a mom do? I've tried to convince him to go a more classical route. Maybe the classical guitar or piano? But no, his heart is set on being a rocker. I know these things can change quickly with kids. One week they want to be a firefighter, the next a doctor but he's been holding steady with this rocker thing for a year.

Look out kindergarten here he comes!