Saturday, August 2, 2008

Half a man

Well, Samuel starts school next Monday. We got his huge packet of information from the school today. And, I found out his teacher's name, Mrs D. Out of all the kindergarten teachers at Simpson, she is the one that I have heard the most positive things about. We go meet her next Thursday.

In many ways I am more than ready to send him off to school. He's bored and needs to be kept busy. I think we both need a break from each other. We were sitting on the couch today. I took his dirty little face in mine and got teary eyed.

"Why are you crying, mom?"

"I just love you so much."

"Ahh, mom."

"You've grown up so quick and I'm not sure if I'm ready."

"But mom, I'm already half a man."

I'm having to let go of my little man. He's more than ready to grow up. Part of me wants to hold him close a little longer. What if he gets hurt? What if kids are mean to him? How many bad words is he going to learn? What if he learns about sex at five? I could go on and on with the questions. But what good is that?

Now I know why kindergarten moms cry. I used to make fun of them and know I am right there with them.