Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's beginning

Sophia has been two for a few months. But in the recent weeks she has just started acting like a two year old. Pushing limits, having tantrums, and ignoring rules. A few days ago, we were at the gym. Right as you walk in, there are some little machines with candy. One has gum and my girl loves gum. In the past, we have walked by it and when she asks I say no and she goes on without a complaint. When we walked by it the other day she asked, "Gum?" And I said no. So the request got a little louder, "Gum!" I refused. "Gum, gum, gum. I want gum!!!" This was said at the top of her lungs. At this point, I walk toward the childcare room with a flailing, screaming child. There is not a doubt in my mind that everyone in the entire gym could hear my sweet princess. When Sophia screams, she screams. I pulled her off of me and she fell on the ground and continued her tantrum. I told her I loved her, looked at the workers apologetically and left. A few minutes later, I peeked through the window at her. She was contentedly playing.

Last night I was reading her a few bedtime stories. She kept on kicking the books with her leg. I told her to stop. She continued. I told her if she did it again, I was putting her to bed with no more books. She did it again. I put her to bed. She screamed and kicked all the way to her crib. I gave her a kiss and told her goodnight. I could hear the screams of protest from downstairs. She quieted down after a few minutes and fell asleep. When I went to check on her, she was indeed asleep. I rubbed her sweaty mop of curls and bent down to kiss her sweet chubby cheeks. And this is what I heard said in a very sleepy voice,

"Soree, mom for kick the books."

My sweet, sweet girl.