Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just got back from having lunch with the little guy. I try to make an appearance at the school at least once every couple of weeks, whether it be lunch, reading to his class or some other type of volunteering.

As we were walking through the cafeteria, I felt like I had a celebrity at my side.
"Hey Samuel!"
"There's Samuel!"
"Samuel, over here!"

At first these calls mainly came from other little ones but as we kept walking, I heard some of the bigger kids calling him. How does everyone know him?

Of course, I know the answer to that question. I'm sure he already has quite the reputation over there for misbehaving. Kids are a little in awe of him. But that got me thinking, seems like I've been doing alot of that lately...

Samuel has the amazing capacity to capture people's attention. Sure, right now it's not for the right reasons. But, he's got that ability to lead. He's dynamic. He's so full of potential.

I have the choice to hang my head down and be embarrassed by my son 's antics. I did get a few looks from some of the teachers that seemed to say. "So that's Samuel's mom...."

When Mrs D was talking to George last week, she said that in her twelve years of teaching, she has never had a kid like Samuel. I'm glad. He's an individual, not a robot. He has made me stretch and grow in ways I never dreamed I could. And I'm a better person because of him. He's my kid, all of him, good and bad, stupid antics and all.

So when I walk with him through that school, I am going to take his hand and look people in the eye. Because I'm proud of the boy he is and the man he will become one day.