Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mess maker

We have a perpetual mess maker in our house. Well, actually we have more than one but one really stands out. It's the little girl with the curly head. And if she weren't so darn cute, I would be perpetually mad at her.

Right now she's outside because she dumped an entire bag of flour on herself, Her hair is white.

Yesterday she dumped half a bottle of shampoo on her head. Don't ask me how many times I had to rinse it. For some reason she's obsessed with putting all these things on her hair. Just in the last few weeks she's gotten into the Vaseline, diaper cream, cooking oil, conditioner, and calamine lotion. And guess where it all ended up? All in her hair. And then she cries when I have to stick her in the tub and rinse it fifty times.

But when I look at her, oil dripping down her face, and she says "Sorree mom makin mess." It's hard to get too mad at her. Because when I do speak harshly to her, her big bottom lip comes out and starts to quiver and her eyes feel with tears and cries she like I've completely broken her heart.

Little girls are something....