Sunday, October 5, 2008

Edison Trait

I tend to be the queen of research. When there is something I want to figure out and read about, I can google better than most. This weekend I have been reading alot, trying to figure out not what is wrong with my boy but what is right about him. I am sick of the negativity when in my heart I know what a great kid he is. I happened upon a great author and a great book. The book is called, "The Edison Trait, Saving the Spirit of your Free Thinking Child in a Conforming World." I ordered two copies, one for me and one for his teacher.(She's either going to love me, or grow to really dislike me...)

Here is an excerpt. Tell me what you think. When I read it, Samuel was not the only one who came to mind. My wonderful husband did too. Here is the webpage. I'd love to hear feebback from those of you who know my boy or have one like him. EDISON TRAIT


Lee-Ann said...

Thanks for posting this! This totally describes my son as well!