Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Recently, we have been taking alot of walks. When Samuel comes home from school, he needs to destress He loves nature, the weather has been perfect, and he seems to talk more when we are doing something. So, yesterday, we took a walk. Before we walked out the door, I hear, "MOM, wait, I forgot something!" He dashes upstairs and comes down with a clipboard and a marker. "We are going on a mystery hunt." So we proceeded to walk trough the woods and find clues. Every clue, he tried to draw on his little board. We found about ten which included a broken down rocket ship, a very stinky skunk smell, snake holes, and many more. His enthusiasm was amazing. We ran into a little girl from his school who was also on a walk. Samuel excitedly showed her his clues. She looked at him like he was crazy. I could tell she was thinking, why would anybody want to do that, why not just take an ordinary walk? Her mother smiled nicely at us but wanted to rush on.

We continued our hunt and I began thanking God for my very creative boy. And I asked myself, why take a very ordinary walk, when you can make each walk you take an adventure? Who
cares if we don't get very far. This is what is very right about my boy This is what sets him apart. Sure, the school might not see it. But we do. He makes the very ordinary into the extraordinary.

Tony has his scan today so I will try and update tonight.