Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hands on

This morning I went to help out with the field day at Samuel's school. I forgot to bring my camera which is a shame because it was alot of fun. I took Samuel and one of his little buddies around to all the centers. There must have been 50 different activities for the kids to do. It was two hours long and by the end, the kids were exhausted.

And do you know what I realized? That boys are extremely physical. I mean, I knew this, but seeing at least fifty or sixty kindergarten boys together cemented the fact. Samuel and his friend were hugging, trying to lift each other up, wrestling, pushing. Every time they would run into a boy that they knew, the same thing happened. "Dude!" and they would hug or somehow get their hands on each other. It was amusing to watch.

The other thing I realized was that I could never teach kindergarten. When I left the classroom, almost half the class was crying. The other half was whining. They were hot, tired and upset that their moms were leaving. Samuel thought about crying but held it in. I waved to his teacher on my way out and she somehow smiled and thanked us all for helping. And she had three more hours left with these rug rats!

Poor Samuel was so tired that he fell asleep on the couch around 6:15. I carried him upstairs, still in his field day shirt, face and body filthy, kissed his cheek and thanked God for my very wiggly boy.


Ellen and Kevin Fay said...

It's nice to appreciate the job you have, right?

What a good Mom to spend so much time with him -- on your day off!!