Friday, October 17, 2008

Report card

Samuel's first official report card came home this afternoon. Nine weeks have come and gone. As you look at it you will notice two predominant numbers, 49-follow directions and 56-self control. But overall he is making academic gains and hey, in math he is making excellent progress. You might need to click on it to enlarge it but even then, it's a little hard to understand.

The behavior sheet we set up for him has been working and he has had two weeks with one or less warnings at school. I have set up a big reward that he is working toward at home. A mouse! I know I hate rodents but he is super motivated to earn it. When he gets 3o stickers on his chart at home, he will get a mouse. He earns the sticker at home by having a good day at school.

Hopefully, after the next nine weeks we will see less behaviors on the report card. At least, that is what I'm hoping for. I would love for Samuel to be internally motivated to behave but right now he needs a little bribery and I'm ok with that. He's five after all.