Monday, October 20, 2008

Things learned

Samuel spends Sunday afternoon with his grandpa Tony. For about a month, Tony was feeling pretty sick so we kept Samuel home. But the last few weeks, grandpa seems to be feeling better, so Samuel has been visiting again. Tony lives in a very diverse neighborhood. Surrounding him he has Bosnian, Mexican, Guatemalan, Russian. I could go on but you get the picture. Samuel has gotten to know many of them. He plays in their houses, eats their food, and tries to talk in their language. I love the diversity and it has been good for our boy. Well, up until yesterday. Let me start off by saying that he could of learned the things he learned yesterday in our neighborhood. But in our neighborhood, when the kids are out, the moms are out. Not so much in Tony's area.

When George picked him up last night, Samuel stuck out his middle finger and said, "What does this mean?" Then, I heard him say, "Shit!", several times when he got home. Now George and I say our share of bad words but we do censor around the kids and I doubt he learned these from us.

I had a little conversation with him this morning. You have to be very careful about these talks. Because if he thinks these things are really really bad, he'll want to say them just for the shock value. So I was sort of nonchalant about the whole thing. I was worried all day that he was going to use what he learned at school today. So far, I haven't gotten a phone call. There's always tomorrow.