Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Samuel had a horrendous day at school Friday. I knew that it was bound to happen. After four good weeks, he was due. I'm not being a pessimist, I just know my son. But do you know the wonderful thing about him misbehaving at school? He was great at home. He didn't have to hold it in all day. He acted like he wanted to, not how they wanted him to. So when he got home, he didn't have to release it all. Even after the consequences we had to give him for misbehaving at school, he was calm, quiet and content. Part of it was that he knew he had a five day Thanksgiving break from school.

I have been watching his behavior very carefully and trying to look at him more objectively. This is not an easy task as a mom. I'm just so used to him. He's Samuel, crazy, energetic, and headstrong. I've observed him in his class when he's with his peers. And, I have noticed some differences. Last week, I went in to volunteer during reading groups. Here is what I noticed:

1) Samuel notices every single detail that goes on in the class and gets distracted by them. During group time, a lady came into the class with a very similar sweater as Mrs D.
"Mrs D, Mrs D! Look! She has on the same sweater as you!"

2) No patience to wait for his turn. Constantly asking his teachers for help. "Mrs D Mrs D!! I need help now!!

3) Doesn't work independently very well. He wants help or reassurance for every little thing.

4) Does not listen if he is not interested in the task. She was reading a book that I could tell did not interest him at all. Instead of paying attention, he fidgeted, bothered his neighbors and wiggled.

5) Picks up on noises and sounds that other people have a hard time hearing. When we're listening to music, he hears things that I have to listen very hard to hear. This reminds me so much of my brother David. He got distracted and bothered by the smallest noises.

Now I know that all kindergartners do this to some extent but Samuel is on the extreme side when you compare him to his classmates. He's not defiant. He's not mean. He just has a very hard time sitting still and doing what he's told. The normal school setting is going to be a hard place for him.

I did pick up a few books on ADD from the library. I read some excerpts to George about the signs of being ADD.
"Well, if that is ADD, I sure as heck have it."

I certainly don't want to jump on the ADD bandwagon. But I also don't want my son to suffer for years and years with people thinking that he's making awful choices when in fact in some ways he can't help himself. I am glad now that I have an appointment with a developmental pediatrician. I really feel that they can give us some guidance about what we can do to help Samuel be more successful in school.