Monday, December 1, 2008

Stick, again

We decorated for Christmas over the weekend. Samuel was excited about it and he actually did most of it himself. He went through all the lights to see which ones worked and didn't. He put all the Christmas candles out around the house. He filled the centerpiece with red and gold ornaments. Oh, and he went out and got a stick. Many of you will remember that last year we decorated a branch. The biggest reason we did it last year was because I couldn't find my ornament box anywhere in the attic and I didn't want to go spend the money for all new ornaments. Well, the box is still nowhere to be found. But I did buy a bunch of ornaments last year on discount so at least we would have something to go on the tree.

As we were decorating, he told me he needed something from the backyard and would be right back. I really didn't think much about it. He returned with a large branch. "Here's our tree, mom!" It's really a nice branch. In my opinion, it's much nicer than last years glorified stick. He decorated the entire "tree" on his own. I tried my hardest to convince him that we could go out and buy a tree.
"No, mom. I like this one.
"Are you sure?"

So, I'm not sure what to do. He's happy with it. We will have plenty of years to buy a real tree. I honestly think that Samuel will look back and be happy and pleased that we decorated a branch. Or he'll use it as one of the many way we screwed him up...