Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another update

Just got back from the hospital. Tony is on 100% oxygen which means he is not breathing much on his own. His appetite is next to nothing. He doesn't want to die until his brother, Mousa comes from Syria. Sadly, the US embassay won't let Mousa visit. He has come countless times in the past but for "security" reasons, they won't let him out this time. While understanding why the US does this, it infuriates me. But there is little we can do. Tony does not know that his brother can't come. George thinks that as soon as he finds out, he'll loose his will to live. Mousa's son and daughter, George's cousins, are coming in from Phoenix tomorrow. I know Tony will enjoy having more family around.

We are both emotionally drained. I feel like I am in a fog. Like the rest of the world is moving around me, but I'm on auto-pilot. Watching someone die is awful. I can't even describe what it's like. He's wasting away in front of us. And he's scared, so scared to die. I guess they are letting him stay in the hospital for now. Please pray for strength, peace and clarity during the days ahead.