Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another one

Just back from the hospital. I thought tonight was it. He pulled off his oxygen mask and asked to die. He said we were torturing him. But after a shot of morphine, he calmed down.
He is in and out. I'm not sure what is him and what is the morphine. George is still there, as is Basil, his cousin.
He's moaning alot because of the pain. His whole body hurts. Every breath seems to be a chore. We made the decision tonight to not resucitate or intubate Tony to keep him alive. He will go naturally and hopefully peacefully.
I'll update tomorrow.


linareed said...

So sorry to hear about this, Shelley. I can imagine the daze you feel as the world moves right on along. So many things seem trivial right now. We´ll be thinking of you guys and praying for God´s peace to be very present and manifested in all of you.

Lee-Ann said...

Shelley you and your family are in my thoughts during this difficult time.

Kolleen said...

Just said a prayer for you all.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about you guys and saying lots of prayers. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. I am an okay cook and excellent babysitter. Love you guys!