Friday, March 6, 2009


Tony has been in the hospital this week. George took him in to the doctor on Monday because he wasn't doing well. They admitted him to run some tests. It was pneumonia. After a few days on antibiotics, he seemed better and we thought he was going to be released. Then, yesterday they tried to wean him off the oxygen and he stopped breathing. So, they kept him. Today, they ran some more tests and have found that one or both of his lungs have collapsed. The doctor is going to go in and try and let out the air around the lung.

We think at this point when Tony gets out, he will need at least part-time care. The social worker at the hospital has been talking to George about our options. He might live a week or he might live three months. We don't know. I just now that he is scared and doesn't want to be alone. If the time is short, hospice will be our option. We just don't know.

Please pray for us during this difficult time. George is stressed. Samuel is feeling it and acting out at school. The house is a mess. I have had so many people offer to help. But, really what can they do? We are living day to day.


Lee-Ann said...

You and your family are in my thoughts during this difficult time Shelley. Hugs. Lee-Ann from GR

Anonymous said...

People offer to help - they can do the physical things for your family inorder to release you be there physically and emotionally. It is very humbling to allow people to do things for you that are 'not fun' or 'dirty' like take your laundry and return it clean, cook some meals to have in the fridge/freezer for whenever needed, pick up the kids and take them for an outing while you and George do what you need to do. Shelley, let people love you in this way.
I wish I was near by to be able to come over and help some. We are praying for your days left with Tony, however many they are.
Julie for Dennis and the rest of us