Tuesday, October 23, 2007


On Sunday, we will have our sixth wedding anniversary. I remember what a cold night it was. I remember thinking that my life was about to begin. Oh, the bliss of marriage! A sweet little clean house, a loving and helpful husband, clean and well behaved children, hot meals waiting for my very grateful husband every night. Marriage is what little girls dream of.

It didn't take me long to realize that marriage is not what I thought. Actually, I realized it on our honeymoon. Sitting on the back of a horse in Mexico, the rain coming down in sheets on our way to see some Mayan ruins, that looked like three crumbling stones. Am I really stuck with this guy forever? Is there any way I can get out of this? Three hundred mosquito bites later, we were back in Atlanta.

Marriage has been up and down for us. The last two years have been mostly up. We only have a good fight maybe once every three months or so. I've become more honest with myself. Did you know that I am not perfect? George is not the only sinful one. If I would have realized this sooner, our first three years would not have been so bad. I've learned to give George grace. I've learned to give myself some too. I love him but almost more importantly, I like him. We enjoy each other's company. I look and see his many gifts and positive attributes daily.

The reality of marriage is much different than my dreams. My house is clean maybe 25% of the time, my husband very rarely helps with housework and can be a real grump, my children are rarely clean and behave maybe 50% of the time, and the hot meals waiting for my husband every night sometimes consist of eggs and toast. But we're happy and grateful. I'm looking forward to growing old with George. I would love to be on the back of that horse in Mexico, the rain pouring down. I would be laughing, enjoying every minute, knowing that I love this man and I'm glad to be stuck with him forever.


Kolleen said...

I'd forgotten how close our anniversary is to yours - happy 6th. According to that silly anniversary/year gift, you should expect something iron and I should expect steel?!?!?