Thursday, November 22, 2007

Delayed gratification

Here's the recipe: Cinnamon rolls

We started at 8:30 and just finished eating. The little ones are napping or at least the littlest one is. Samuel's head was about to pop off his body after three of the gooey rolls so I sent him upstairs. Who knows what he's doing, but it's quiet.

When you work with yeast, it's a lot of work. You have to be patient. Every step is followed by a long wait. When you are woken up by a little boy and his first question is, "Is it time for the cinnamon rolls?", you know it's going to be a long morning. He doesn't understand, "They'll be ready in three hours." He wants them now. It was a long morning but well worth the wait. Here's what it looked like at the beginning.

It looks happy, doesn't it? When it got super high, Samuel asked, "I still don't see the flower." Apparently when I told him that when you add the yeast to the flour, it grows. He thought a flower was going to grow up out of the dough. I love that kid.

The dough was finally ready to be worked with. George dove right in with the touch of a pro baker. And, yes, that's a sea of butter. Two pounds in fact. I tried to get him to use less. It didn't work. Check out all the yumminess oozing out.

I wish you could smell what we smelled. It was utterly divine. It was worth every minute that it took. George was proud, very proud. Samuel was grateful. Sophia was estatic. Wouldn't you if you got cinnamon rolls for lunch? Sugar is a food group, right? And Gabrielle was happy. Yes, I said it. She was happy. Waking up at noon to the delicious smell of heaven, will do that to you. Here is the family, enjoying our creation.

Our kitchen is a disaster. But that's what teenagers are for, right?