Monday, November 12, 2007

God has a plan

Not sure how to begin this one. Quite a day. The kids and I were headed out to the zoo this morning when I got a call from Gab's high school. She and Alex were caught trying to leave campus. We knew this was coming. We also learned that she had skipped classes two different times last week. I went in to the school, kids in tow, and had a talk with the assistant principal. She was suspended for today. So guess who went to the zoo with us? And guess who was less than thrilled? I'll post the pictures of the zoo trip tomorrow. I should have taken a picture of the less than thrilled Gabrielle. When George got home, we all talked and told her that she has left us no choice but to tighten the boundaries. Our trust in her is gone and we will have to treat her like a child. Can we regain trust in her? With time, yes. But she has to show us she wants to change.

After our conversation with her, she asked to take Maia for a walk so she could cool off. We, stupidly, let her. After she was gone for about forty-five minutes, George went to find her. He then got a call from her friend saying that Gabrielle wasn't going to come home. I called the police. After George came back, I left to look. I found her, in a the retreat center about a mile from home, on the phone in the lobby. You can guess who she was talking to. She was gone for three hours. When we got home, the cops were there. He gave her a lecture. I hope it scared her but who knows at this point.

So what to do now? She is bound and determined to do what she wants to do. She has lied so much to us, our relationship with her is broken. I talked to the school counselor and she recommended that we file unruly child charges. This means that the court gets involved with the consequences. If she skips class, a probation officer pays her a visit. She is only fifteen so if she shapes up, this will not go on her record. We also will have to make her setting at school more restrictive. I will have another meeting at Norcross to brainstorm ideas.

I thought we had a pretty good weekend with her. She talked and hung out with us quite a bit. I wish we knew what to do. She's stubborn and thinks that we will eventually give in. We can't. Why? Because we love her and being firm and consistent is loving her. She doesn't see this now. I think she's going to have to break even further before she will accept help. Which means, it might get worse. God has a plan. I have to keep telling myself this. God has a plan.