Friday, December 28, 2007


One of my favorite things about winter are the leafless trees. I know that some see this as depressing and sad, but I like to see what is beneath all the fluff. I love the structure of a tree. When the leaves are all on, you miss the beautiful branches, the long lean trunks. When we see what is beneath, we see what is real. I like what is real so that's why I like branches.

When I come across a huge tree, alone in a field, I always have the urge to stop. I want to get out and look, take a picture. Maybe it's the solidarity of a huge, bare tree that strikes me. Standing alone in all its glory. There's a certain power that draws me to them.

I might be the only one that gets a little sad when I see the buds of spring on trees. It means I have to say goodbye to my bare, beautiful, solitary branches. I guess I identify more with the winter trees. I don't like fluff.