Friday, January 25, 2008

I don't need a van or do I?


Imagine this at a full force scream in the small confinement of a car. Yes, a car. Not a minivan like most Americans. I said it. We have more than one child and we drive a car. Unheard of, I know. Let me tell you why we still drive a car and haven't succumbed to the force that is currently pulling us toward buying a van.

1) No monthly payment

2) I can turn around and touch my children. Hold their hands, stroke their cheeks, hand them snacks.

3) I can turn around and discipline my children.

4) Less space to make a mess in.

5) My kids can really bond with each other. The poking, hitting, screaming, constant annoying each other helps their relationship really grow.

6) No room for the dogs or more babies.

7) Helps me grow in areas that I need growing; self control, patience, gentleness

8) When there is peace, I enjoy it so much more.

9) It's fun being the only mom without a van. I think they are a bit envious of my ratty car.

10) Minivans are ugly.

As you can see, I am trying to convince myself that I don't need a van. I don't need one, I really don't. I enjoy the nonstop noise. I like stopping the car to discipline the ever annoying older brother. I can still remember with such clarity my dad stopping the car and spanking my brother for something that I have no doubt he did to me. I also recall the invisible boundaries we made in the backseat. And getting poked and hit for crossing the boundary. So I survived as the little sister and my parents survived. So I can do this.

There is always this option..


Anonymous said...

I drive a car, too! Vans are just so . . . yuppish. But my next vehicle will probably be one. Bleh - Kolleen