Saturday, April 5, 2008

Puddle personality test

I take alot of pictures. And every once in awhile you get a picture that really captures the spirit of your child. From the splattered mud on his face, to the warrior stick, he is in the moment and I got it.

It's been raining for a few days. Dreary, muddy weather so the kids haven't played outside. This morning I decided to let them out to get as muddy as possible. Samuel, of course jumped right in. His sister, was a bit more tentative.

So this is the puddle personality test.

Here is our little girl. She stayed at the edge of the puddle. Not scared, but a little tentative. She squatted much of the time and just looked. Looked at the puddles and watched her crazy brother.

And then there's my boy, sitting right in the middle of the biggest puddle. No hesitation, no regrets. He would start at the top of the hill, and run full speed into the puddles, splashing everyone around him. That's Samuel.

After a few minutes in the water, Sophia got bored and went looking for her baby stroller. She then very contently pushed her baby around the puddles while her brother kept up the craziness.

Last night I had dinner with a good friend of mine. I was complaining to her about what a handful Samuel has been lately. Mouthy, back talking, not listening, non compliant, argumentative. I could go on...

Her response was, "Did you really think that George and you could produce a compliant child? You both are intelligent, question authority, ask alot of questions and like to argue."

Maybe she's right. But wouldn't it be nice, for just one day , to have a child that listened to everything I said the first time and never argued? I bet after a day I would be bored with all that compliant behavior and yearning for my muddy puddle jumping boy.


Julie said...

Before I read your comments about the picture of Samuel I thought to myself, "Now that's a picture worth a thousan words" Tell Samuel I really liked the look on his face!
Aunt Julie

Rhoda said...

Good for people to know.